Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New here with Old stuff ( new stuff soon.)

I have seen this Bloggerdeal for a while now and I felt that it was time to join up...FYI: my spelling may be off sometimes and my artwork may suck...I will be the first one to tell ya that. Well anyway, all of this writing just might keep me sane sorta.Just to see if this works, let me post some of my older images and then we will be off.
I draw,paint,cuss,....the usual things that artists do.

That seemed to work pretty good...alright then..I have lots of old stuff that i kinda feel that I need to get rid of before I can move forward.Here's some stuff that I am tired of looking at.


Jerry said...

I do not think that your art sucks.

Will Le Beouf said...

Thank you...are you a writer or filmaker? I went to your site and I must say that I felt dumb when it came to movies and film after seeing that..great stuff...Wickerman remake did suck.