Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Day / more work

Good morning and welcome to another installment of strange stuff and even stranger writing. I was wondering as I was smoking a cig, ...When cleaning a scanner bed, will Windex or glass cleaner damage the drawings put on the glass for scan?...If anyone knows the answer..please write me and tell me. Thanks. Well I'm getting stuff up so that I can go to Louisiana and visit with my brother and his family...I will try to draw when I'm there,but unlikly that I will get anything done due to conversationing and whatnot. My leg is killing me right now and I am tired as all hell, but the show must go stuff coming later today.
The grateful was for a tattoo that backed out, the jesus was for a print the 2 paintings were sold and the small headed girl was goofing around one day at a shitty tattoo shop that will remain nameless and should burn to the ground.Peace
Thanks for visiting and see ya soon.

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