Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wait for me...I'm coming

Since a child I was attracted to the creation of something beautiful or disturbing from the blank page. In time I taught myself to create using line, value, color, and ultimately composition. My greatest influences at an early age were family members that had the ability to draw and invent new ideas in a place that had few. I have been influenced over the years by artists such as Caravaggio,Rembrandt,Leonardo De Vinci, and in recent years by such new masters: Robert Williams,Todd Schorr,Eric White and James Rosenquist. I imagine inspiration comes to me, having trickled down through the centuries of art, onward down through the artists that I've witnessed along the way with the Picassos and the Van Goghs and Dalis to guide my hand, my eye, and calm my nervous grip to produce something of importance and fascination. Just as walls fall in this physical world, walls fall before me mentally with every new creation. Each new piece brings the obstacles down from their impossible height and allows me to solve equations in the rhelms of structure and depth. I have learned and I am learning still. I am here to stay and so will my works. My iron-clad certainty that I shall be the victory over the victorious is as a juggernaut, undaunted by the trappings of man. I have many works waiting to be whole,so as I leave you with warm wishes in this terrible world, I also offer gratitude for the chance to create something more than I am.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sketch of Miss Mosh

Model:Miss Mosh from
Comments:Photographer: Christopher Smith

feeling crappy so this is all I have today....artists are usually feeling crappy I guess.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wisdom Teeth suck

Here's two that suck because wisdom teeth suck...

Sketch-type things

zoomed around on flickr...sketched some hands have been sucky so I practiced some....gonna take a short nap now...Thanks for back soon.


All for tattoos except the "SWEATY CHICKEN" was drawn for my girl,but I do need to finish that soon....ya see.there are some chicks working in a hot-ass building.
Until next time..Thanks and draw something strange..Peace

Time for the sketches

Some sketches from my tattooing days...I'm not a christian follower,but I was raised by christians and I tattooed lots of christians hence the crosses and religious stuff...I will take any god that will have me but I want answers to all this shit.
Thanks for viewing and be well

Another Day / more work

Good morning and welcome to another installment of strange stuff and even stranger writing. I was wondering as I was smoking a cig, ...When cleaning a scanner bed, will Windex or glass cleaner damage the drawings put on the glass for scan?...If anyone knows the answer..please write me and tell me. Thanks. Well I'm getting stuff up so that I can go to Louisiana and visit with my brother and his family...I will try to draw when I'm there,but unlikly that I will get anything done due to conversationing and whatnot. My leg is killing me right now and I am tired as all hell, but the show must go stuff coming later today.
The grateful was for a tattoo that backed out, the jesus was for a print the 2 paintings were sold and the small headed girl was goofing around one day at a shitty tattoo shop that will remain nameless and should burn to the ground.Peace
Thanks for visiting and see ya soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The second coming ....

That's content for somebody to see....Hopefully not only my Girlfriend...
Living back in Texas now with the kids and "wife" for two months now and loving it so far....hung out today with my one-year-old daughter and watched cartoons..that was quite fun. Drawing and creating these endless webpages and such can be really tiresome. I'm gonna go draw something...will be back later today to view my 0 watchers to this that I'm doing this.

New here with Old stuff ( new stuff soon.)

I have seen this Bloggerdeal for a while now and I felt that it was time to join up...FYI: my spelling may be off sometimes and my artwork may suck...I will be the first one to tell ya that. Well anyway, all of this writing just might keep me sane sorta.Just to see if this works, let me post some of my older images and then we will be off.
I draw,paint,cuss,....the usual things that artists do.

That seemed to work pretty good...alright then..I have lots of old stuff that i kinda feel that I need to get rid of before I can move forward.Here's some stuff that I am tired of looking at.